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The Old Order

As secular and religious intolerance appears to be on the rise, and sectarian violence continues to displace, injure or kill thousands, if not millions, it is refreshing and enlightening to find religious people who have […]

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90-year-old Joe Bonadio lives on the steepest paved street in the continental United States — Canton Avenue in the Beechview section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Lured by jobs in the steel mills, the coal mines, and […]

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Carrie’s Sleeping

Carrie’s sleeping now, but when she was awake, her eyes received air heated to 1800 degrees, and she exhaled molten steel.  This is a photograph of the bottom of one of the blast furnaces, and […]

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Hopeful Contemplation

As the Pittsburgh Pirates have a winning season for the first time in a generation, and as Pittsburgh continues to evolve from its steel manufacturing roots and its later rustbelt status to a region better […]

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Outside Looking In

I first walked the hallways of Western Penitentiary in 1987 when I was given a tour of an unused wing.  The outer wall was vast, yet the inner cells were tiny.  I can still remember […]

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