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The Old Order

There's an Old Order Amish community located in Western Pennsylvania. Though the Amish are sometimes described as the Plain People, my visits to the area revealed that to be an oversimplification, as their culture is an amalgam of the old and the new, the simple and complex. The Old Order Amish do not want to be photographed, as posing for photos, or even permitting them to be taken, is inconsistent with their core belief in humility. I found that there is a certain amount of leeway, however, and this is my attempt at portraying the lifestyle of this Amish community in a respectful way.

At the Auction

This Old Order Amish community holds an annual benefit auction in June which is attended by the Amish and English alike.


90-year-old Joe Bonadio lives on the steepest street in the continental United States. But that is not his only claim to fame. Although he earned a living as a golf pro for over 50 years, Joe also has mastered numerous musical instruments over the years including the violin, the tenor saxophone, the clarinet, the bass and the flute. He has played with the Butler Symphony Orchestra and the Sarasota Pops Orchestra, as well as with some of the giants of jazz, including Dizzy Gillespie, Coleman Hawkins, Sonny Stitt, James Moody and Roy Eldridge.

Carrie Furnaces

An integral part of the historic Homestead Works, Carrie Furnaces 6 and 7 operated from 1907 to 1978, producing over 1000 tons of iron a day in its heyday in the 50s and 60s.
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Life In Miniature

These selective focus photographs give the illusion that the subject is a miniature model or toy. I first became enamored with photos like these when shown the work of Miklos Gaal a few years ago.
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(d)Evolving Pittsburgh

This gallery, itself evolving over time, tries to capture the changing Pittsburgh and the inherent conflict that all cities exhibit when shedding the old in favor of the new.

Outside Looking In

These photographs, part of the June 2013 "Rituals" exhibit at Garfield Artworks in June, 2013, depict some of the rituals associated with incarceration.


Steam still permeates modern society before escaping into the ether. I was attracted to the subject after hearing about how certain sections of Beaver County, PA, received about 2" of snow directly downwind from the nuclear power plant in Shippingport on a particularly cold night in January 2013. The area effected was reported to be about two miles wide and thirty miles long.


People doing their thing.

Walls and Patterns

Not much else to say...